Radon Mitigators

A s a Canadian National Radon Protection Program (www.C-NRPP.ca) Certified Radon Mitigator you can help the Kyle Wood Radon Relief Group in many ways.

Most importantly by:
  • During your "getting to know your client" or "Radon Mitigation Discovery Questions" ask if they have any lung health issues
  • Volunteering your mitigation services to a person or family suffering from lung cancer and high radon levels.
  • Consider asking them if they have family support.
  • Always have on hand the contact numbers of your local Lung Association and Cancer Society support groups.
  • Frequently customers receiving assistance or support are happy to help spread radon awareness through interviews and videos.
  • Sometimes customers are mad at the lack of radon awareness and have been known to assist by speaking to policy makers about Building Standards/Codes, Occupational Health & Safety issues, and the mandatory testing of schools and public buildings.
  • If you have a family you would like to assist financially through the Kyle Wood Radon Protection Group please contact us directly before offering assistance from the Group.
  • Please consider acquiring donations for the Kyle Wood Radon Protection Group Inc. through donations and/or fund raisers in your community.
  • As a group let's show how much the Canadian Radon Industry cares about the people who are in need of our help.