T he Kyle Wood Radon Relief Group's principle goal is to raise funds to be used towards the installation of radon mitigation systems in the homes of families across Canada affected by lung cancer and living with high radon levels. Its focus in particular is towards low income families.

Secondary objectives include raising funds for radon mitigation systems for organizations with charitable or community objectives operating in buildings with elevated radon levels and to promote public awareness about radon.

The Kyle Wood Radon Relief Group reaches out a helping hand to those living with lung cancer and elevated radon levels. It strives to provide relief to those who may be limited financially in providing lowered radon levels for their families.

In memory of Kyle Wood
1993 - 2015

At 18, Kyle passed the NRPP/NEHA Radon Mitigation Exam. A year later in 2012, he passed the newly established C-NRPP Transitional Exam making him the youngest Certified Mitigator in Canada. Kyle worked at Mr. Radon®, his family's business, and was proficient in both residential and commercial projects. Kyle was a gifted young man, a friend to all, and is missed by so many.
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